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The veterinary care at Mauer Animal clinic is superb! I have been taking my dogs and cats there for years, through Dr. Doughty (previous owner who has retired) and Dr. Wesen who worked with him and now owns it and Associate Veterinarians, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Randall. Each vet and every member of their support staff is caring, compassionate and concerned with the health of my pets. I admit Dr. Wesen is my favorite vet as I have visited him for years and know him best. Though when my AKC Shih Tzu had a bladder stone, Dr. Morgan did the surgery and she did an excellent job! When my otter hound had to have emergency surgery at another vet during a holiday weekend, Dr. Wesen welcomed us back with love and concern for my girl! His amazing follow up care was gratefully appreciated! She had some issues that were the emergency vets fault, but Dr. Wesen saw us through them all!

The Vets call you after surgeries or procedures to confirm your pet is doing well and if you have any questions. I will only take my pets elsewhere if they are closed, and then only to whom they recommend on their answer machine! They do whatever is best for the animal based on the animal’s condition and your budget! My pets are my children and I trust the vets at Mauer Animal clinic to do what is best for them! The vets explain the diagnosis, what is going to happen and the procedures. They ensure you know what to do with the medications to continue to care for your cherished pets when you get them home and what to do if they have further issues. They schedule follow up appointments before you leave the office, if you prefer, or they will call you.

I’ve taken my pets to Mauer for over 20 years! Whether it is puppy shots, preventative health, breeding, boarding, dental issues, major surgeries or even, sadly, when crossing the dreaded Rainbow Bridge, the vets and staff at Mauer Animal Clinic are caring and compassionate! They will treat your animal with love as if it was their own! I highly recommend them for any pet who needs a caring vet. I will only take my pets to Mauer Animal Clinic! The vets and staff are the ABSOLUTE BEST! Need a great veterinarian? Take them to Mauer Animal Clinic! They are the best vets in Las Vegas!


There is something wonderful to be said about a close, knit-family-style animal hospital to take my pets into. There is never an instance when I don’t receive the utmost, compassionate one-on-one care for any of my plethora of animals that I bring to Mauer. They know and call each pet by name, which truly makes me feel like part of the family. They’ve always recommended the very best care; and they also are willing to work with treatments for a tighter budget. For personalized care and a medical family who will happily follow your pet for life, Mauer Animal Clinic *IS* the best choice in Vegas!


This is the second clinic we’ve tried and on the first day of our visit we were surprised how calm our cat was upon entering the clinic. It didn’t end there, with the staff specially the vet. they handled him with so much care. since we discovered Mauer animal clinic, we tend to not look at other places no more. We appreciate their respect with our wishes. and the best part is that their prices won’t rip u off.


Really a fantastic experience (or as fantastical as possible when dragging your lab to the vet.) Had a few growths and teeth removed n my 8 year old lab. The staff is great and really seem to go out of their way to make pets comfortable. Shayne Randall DVM did the procedure on my dog and she was excellent in explaining to me what was going on and what to expect. Prices seem fair. We have a new permanent Vet.


I don’t know what I’d do without Mauer animal clinic or Dr Wesen. I have two dachshunds and when they have back issues, he knows exactly what to do. I’m so thankful. One time, my husband and I talked about moving out of state, everything seemed okay…. but thought, “oh crap, we would have to switch vets”. Nope …never. As long as my dogs are here I’ll be going to Mauer. Plus everyone in the office, receptionists and techs r so nice. Love everyone.


We are so thankful for this clinic. We have used a couple of clinics in the past and now that we have discovered this one, I don’t believe we will ever use another one. Very knowledgeable staff- helpful and more affordable than most clinics. Don’t let the small, unpretentious building fool you: this clinic is awesome!!!! Thank you Mauer Animal Clinic for your hard work and dedication to helping pets.


This clinic was a life saver for me. They found my lost dog, posted him and took care of him. A very clean and dedicated establishment that I recommend to everyone. Thank you Mauer, and thank you for saving my beloved pet Rocko and me as well!!!


The clinic staff is wonderful, very seldom have I waited past my appt time, and the doctors obviously love their clients. The clinic is clean, and they have informative posters that are actually interesting. The doctors always give me several treatment choices, understanding that sometimes, sadly, cost IS a factor. Easy to get to, next to a Dominoes, so if I need comfort food it’s handy! Lol


My family and I have been coming to Mauer for years and have always been happy with the attention and service that we get for our furbabies. I am a serial “caller at the last minute with some minor emergency” and they ALWAYS get me in, which I greatly appreciate. They are very patient with me, considering my “emergencies” are never really emergencies,  and just the result of my craziness and penchant for worrying too much over nothing. I love Dr. Wesen and Dr. Morgan, and their office staff is wonderful. The building is old and has been there for probably 35 years, so don’t expect anything fancy, just know that great things can come in very simple packages.
Recently, my husband and I moved to Mtn’s Edge, so I decided that I was going to try to find a vet that was closer to our new home, so I took my stupid ass and my sick kitty to the horrible Dr. Herr at BLUE DIAMOND ANIMAL HOSPITAL, which was a HUGE MISTAKE. After spending almost $500 on blood work, it took almost 2 weeks and a threatening call from the Nevada State Board of Vet Medical Examiners to get those lousy schmucks to release my cat’s lab results to me so that I could take Diva back to a REAL vet at MAUER. Dr. Herr misdiagnosed my cat, telling me she had a bladder tumor when she did not, obviously trying to bleed me for  thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments and ultrasounds.  Needless to say, I will never stray again. I included this information in this review because Blue Diamond Animal Hospital sucks so bad and they are not on Yelp (LOSERS!) so I could not give them the nasty, scathing review that they deserve. Rant over. Thanks for listening.Anyway, if you want a great vet, who respects you and your pets, does their job thoroughly and with integrity,  go to Mauer. You won’t be disappointed!


I have been taking my pets to Dr. Wesen at Mauer Animal Clinic for as long as I can remember. His new partner Dr. Morgan is also amazing. They have given all my “babies” superior care and helped us through many difficult times with love. I know my family is cared for as a part of their family and I would never trust anyone else with them. I love them all for the kind, compassionate work the do!


Just yesterday morning I lost my best friend Sparky, my dog has been going to Mauer Animal Clinic for many years. The compassion shown by all the staff and in particular Dr.Wesen was nothing short of amazing. It was a difficult decision to make but Dr. Wesen was straight with me , told me the facts and my baby did not suffer any more than he had too. IF I say IF I ever adopt another dog he will be their patient also. If anyone is fooled by the outside of their small building, do not be it is spotless, and you would be depriving your animal of the BEST care in the world. Thank you all the staff for your support and concern, especially the Dr. Wesen.


They took real good care of our Lucy cat…and were very professional and honest. Very small location, so don’t be fooled or put off by the front


I’ve been taking my cats to Dr. Wesen for over 15 years. His gentle, calm manner is helpful for both the animals and me! He can be counted on to do extra research for unusual conditions, and explains the problem/treatment in as much detail as I wish. His day does not end until he makes an evening follow-up call to see how the patient is doing.


The doctor called and he told us to stop by and pick up wipes for our pug for FREE! Pugs have lots of folds and sometimes they get infected, so it was nice that the Vet called us to give us a big sample of wipes for his wrinkles. Definitely 5 star treatment here!


Today was my first time here. The place is a older but quaint place. We were greeted right away and after 5 minutes we were ushered into a room. The doctor came in right away….which was surprising, because we generally have to wait 10-15 minutes at other places. The doctor came in and we immediately started discussing what was going on. I felt that the doctor actually listened to our concerns and instead of just jumping to a conclusion/treatment right away, there will be tests done. We have a follow up appointment next week and until then hopefully the dog gets better.