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Mauer Animal Clinic is fully equipped to perform most surgical procedures. Prior to each procedure, every patient receives a thorough physical examination, and when necessary, we will perform laboratory blood testing to check overall health and identify any anesthetic risks.

Mauer Animal Clinic - new client sheet


Physical examinations are performed to detect signs of illness before they become severe. Some of the most common things your veterinarian looks for include underlying ear and eye disease, dental tarter and gingivitis, body weight, lymph enlargements, abdominal organ abnormalities, and skeletal diseases, such as arthritis.

Mauer Animal Clinic - new client sheet


Your pet depends on your protection in many ways, but diseases spread by other animals are an ever-present threat to the health of your pet. Vaccines are an important protection for your pets.

Mauer Animal Clinic - new client sheet


In order to reduce the number of animals ending up in shelters or being euthanized, we encourage you to discuss spaying or neutering your pet with your veterinarian. Together, you can work as a team to help reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned animals. Both male and female dogs and cats are mature enough to reproduce between the ages of six to nine months.

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Providing good dental care can help reduce the risk of health problems caused by poor oral hygiene which, if ignored, can cause discomfort and even life-threatening conditions. In addition, it’s also recommended to schedule regular checkups at the vet for professional cleaning and for exams that may detect any underlying issues.